Thursday, 24 November 2011

What a ravelation!

I’ve been trying to learn to crochet for quite some time, with mixed success. Very mixed!
Over the last couple of holidays, I’ve packed a big stack of learn to crochet books, a 4mm hook and a bag of nasty yarn from the local pound store to practice with, and got myself in a terrible cranky squeaky tangle
Recently though it has all come together, as I seem to have invited the right people to the party. 
First to arrive was Claires Bojczuk with her marvellous wee book Crochet unravelled. Not only does it use UK terminology, but she incudes illustrations for both left- and right-handed learners. (Cue tears of relief from the lefty in the corner).
Next up was The Scarlet Peacock’s Crochet courses taken by the charming and talented Catherine Hirst  (Hope the term is getting better Catherine…)
All of which means that last week,  I finally felt confident enough to buy some proper yarn. 
Yarn that doesn’t split or squeak. Yarn that is not plastic.  I went for Rowan’s Siena 4-ply100% mercerised cotton joy.

It arrived last night (in record time – thanks Deramores!), and I started to use it on the train this morning. What a revelation! 
It slips sensuously through my fingers, sits demurely on the hook, sashays perfectly into stitches with no unseemly splits, and shows beautiful stitch definition.  I may have been wearing a slightly lecherous look on yesterdays commute, which may explain why I got a seat on the tube…


  1. hi,I came to look at your blog after seeing the link on sewing directory - I'll have to have a look at those gift sacks. Was intrigued to see your most recent post is about getting the hang of crochet - I still can't. Maybe I'll try the book you recommend, although I think really I need lessons from someone who already can! Oh well, if at first you don't succeed, and all that 8o)

  2. The book is great - i still use it to refresh my memory, but nothing really clicked into place until i had some face-to-face lessons. Can't recommend Catherine highly enough!