Thursday, 26 July 2012

Revising a rewritten fond memory

So, you know when I said I had cracked it – a crochet motif that would make up into a cosy and lacy blanket?

close up of stacked crochet motifs, blue grey and yellow
These feel to me like currency when I stack them like this.
Turns out I hadn’t. When I laid them out, they didn’t pass muster. too small and bitty looking, but more importantly, DearWife thought they were too solid.

a stack of crochet hexagons piled in front of yarn and knitting bag
What seemed to be a promising start, wasnt...
Now, though, I think I’ve cracked it. I added a round of well-spaced trebles and chains. Fiddly, and it’ll be a ‘mare to sew together (I hate working into chains, but forgot that until it was too late) but I think it works.
crochet hexagons laid ourt
I think they'll come together nicely.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Boys don't wash

Not much time for sewing around here at the moment, not least because we’ve been away on holiday.

And every time we go, I’m astonished at how vast our family toiletry / first aid bag is. There are only three of us, one is less than three foot tall, and neither of his mamas are lotions and potions sorts of gals. But we routinely fill a large nappy bag with soap, shampoos, moisturisers, plasters, panadol, thermometers…. You name it! And even that’s with all of us smelling of baby bath all week.

Not only is the resulting saddlebag bulky and heavy, but it makes it very difficult to find anything, like a medicine syringe at 1am.

To divide it up a little more, the BoyGoblin needs his own wetbag. After a couple of days of sketching, reality bit – no time to make one, especially as the skills gap was less a fissure and more a chasm (oilcloth? Zip? Eek!).

A couple of hours online  revealed that buying one was going to be tricky too, as apparently, boy children don’t wash.

So I did a quick and dirty. A £2 toiletry bag from Tiger, and 10 minutes to iron on a set of transfers I picked up in Berlin last year.

boys toiletry bag - iron n transfers
Just a sample of the stuff that will ge stuffed in here...
The photos aren’t hugely charismatic, and neither is the bag to be honest, but it does the trick, and as far as boygoblin is concerned its perfect! Not only has it got diggers on it, but you can put things in and take things out. Did I mention the diggers?

flocked forklift transfer closeup
Flocked forklift. Flocking awesome!

Friday, 20 July 2012

The end of the rainbow...

I finally finished it. Goodness me.

quilted rainbow table runner with matching toy cars
Juicy colours, made with love, sweat and tears.
I can’t tell you how painful the freemotion quilting was. I’m clearly not a natural (hence the deliberately off-centre swirls) and I had all sorts of issues with my tension (both the thread, and my shoulders.)
close up of colour runner freemotions quilting
Charming wobbly spirals - the much contested limit of my freemotion prowess.
There are four big pockets in the back,  that will loosely hold cars, crayons, whatever.

toy cars in pockets in the back of quilted colour matching table runner
These are the pockets...

Coloured toy spiders on colour sorting quilted mat
... and these would be the Whatevers. DearWife was not impressed.
It all rolls up neatly.

kids table runner reverse. shaped applique and toy cars in pockets.
Oh, and I appliqued some shapes on the back too. Templates via Word, sanity via Bondaweb.

I wonder how long it will take me to sew on a strap?

kids colour match table runner rolled up
Like a yummy car-filled sushi roll
 I think the Cath Kidston ribbon I got for my birthday makes perfect binding. Lucky I procrastinated over finishing then, eh?

By far the biggest challenge was met by DearWife, who completed her mission to find a car to match each panel. Pink was a particular challenge.
toy cars parked on rainbow coloured quilted table runner
I can hear the engines revving, can't you?
  This one's going on the plane with us. 

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Vintage Summer

I think I’ve mentioned before that in my stash are some bits and pieces that I inherited from my grandmother. Among her estate were a number of old womens magazines, and tucked in the pages of some of these were vintage, unused embroidery transfers. Most of them still with the giveaway threads attached.
They seem particularly timely just now, with the Summer of Nostalgia we all seem to be indulging in. First the Jubilee, then the Olympics - anything London is quintessentially Summer. Despite the rain.
This pattern is from Norman Hartnell's London Pride trasfer library, given aaway with Women's Day, sometime in the '50's I'd guess. Hartnell's career spanned the three decades to the 60's, with a long association with the Royals and the stars. He designed the Queen's coronation dress in 1953, so I'm guessing that, like the Jubilee, this would have seeded London Fever (and giveaways in magazines
Norman Hartnell Tower Bridge embroidery pattern
Tower Bridge
Feeling stitchy are running a vintage stitchalong this month, which was just the firecracker I needed to take needle to thread.
vintage tower bridge embroidery hand stitched Norman Hartnell Womans Day
Close up of laurely wreath and sunsety Thames