Thursday, 19 July 2012

Vintage Summer

I think I’ve mentioned before that in my stash are some bits and pieces that I inherited from my grandmother. Among her estate were a number of old womens magazines, and tucked in the pages of some of these were vintage, unused embroidery transfers. Most of them still with the giveaway threads attached.
They seem particularly timely just now, with the Summer of Nostalgia we all seem to be indulging in. First the Jubilee, then the Olympics - anything London is quintessentially Summer. Despite the rain.
This pattern is from Norman Hartnell's London Pride trasfer library, given aaway with Women's Day, sometime in the '50's I'd guess. Hartnell's career spanned the three decades to the 60's, with a long association with the Royals and the stars. He designed the Queen's coronation dress in 1953, so I'm guessing that, like the Jubilee, this would have seeded London Fever (and giveaways in magazines
Norman Hartnell Tower Bridge embroidery pattern
Tower Bridge
Feeling stitchy are running a vintage stitchalong this month, which was just the firecracker I needed to take needle to thread.
vintage tower bridge embroidery hand stitched Norman Hartnell Womans Day
Close up of laurely wreath and sunsety Thames

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