Thursday, 26 July 2012

Revising a rewritten fond memory

So, you know when I said I had cracked it – a crochet motif that would make up into a cosy and lacy blanket?

close up of stacked crochet motifs, blue grey and yellow
These feel to me like currency when I stack them like this.
Turns out I hadn’t. When I laid them out, they didn’t pass muster. too small and bitty looking, but more importantly, DearWife thought they were too solid.

a stack of crochet hexagons piled in front of yarn and knitting bag
What seemed to be a promising start, wasnt...
Now, though, I think I’ve cracked it. I added a round of well-spaced trebles and chains. Fiddly, and it’ll be a ‘mare to sew together (I hate working into chains, but forgot that until it was too late) but I think it works.
crochet hexagons laid ourt
I think they'll come together nicely.

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