Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Bobbin huggers

I use a plastic box to store my machine threads in, which means I end up with bucketloads of bobbins rolling around carrying identical looking white thread – that is not identical!
Rather than risk the Dark Forces of Mechanical Wrath that ensue when the wrong thread is loaded into my usually sweet tempered sewing machine, I have spent a lot of time unwinding bobbins, and wasting oodles of thread.
Enter the bobbin-hugger, designed to keep a bobbin snuggly cuddled up to its mother-reel.
A button, a toothpick, two seedbeads and a bit of elastic is all you need. Oh, and some glue.

brightly coloured materials for bobbin huggers. pots of beads, buttons, elastic
The materials are almost as pleasing as the result.
So, so simple, and so, so pleasing.
bobbin storage system.
It looks like a bit of an ugly duckling...

bobbin hugger thread storage system in use
...but works perfectly (and looks a bit nicer in use.)
You could use the toothpicks to hang the pairs on the wall, like a shed storage system. Ooh, the organsiational possibilities are endless... (but mine are still rolling around in that box).

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