Friday, 20 July 2012

The end of the rainbow...

I finally finished it. Goodness me.

quilted rainbow table runner with matching toy cars
Juicy colours, made with love, sweat and tears.
I can’t tell you how painful the freemotion quilting was. I’m clearly not a natural (hence the deliberately off-centre swirls) and I had all sorts of issues with my tension (both the thread, and my shoulders.)
close up of colour runner freemotions quilting
Charming wobbly spirals - the much contested limit of my freemotion prowess.
There are four big pockets in the back,  that will loosely hold cars, crayons, whatever.

toy cars in pockets in the back of quilted colour matching table runner
These are the pockets...

Coloured toy spiders on colour sorting quilted mat
... and these would be the Whatevers. DearWife was not impressed.
It all rolls up neatly.

kids table runner reverse. shaped applique and toy cars in pockets.
Oh, and I appliqued some shapes on the back too. Templates via Word, sanity via Bondaweb.

I wonder how long it will take me to sew on a strap?

kids colour match table runner rolled up
Like a yummy car-filled sushi roll
 I think the Cath Kidston ribbon I got for my birthday makes perfect binding. Lucky I procrastinated over finishing then, eh?

By far the biggest challenge was met by DearWife, who completed her mission to find a car to match each panel. Pink was a particular challenge.
toy cars parked on rainbow coloured quilted table runner
I can hear the engines revving, can't you?
  This one's going on the plane with us. 

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