Saturday, 26 May 2012

I'm not a papercrafter but...

…I am a thrifty stitcher, which is where the inspiration for this came from.

Plastics storage box - baby bath  hamper
Sturdy baby bath box about to be repurposed

This was a box of baby samples. It was a free offer, and comes with an inner tray that makes it perfect as a sewing box.

Now, not being a papercrafter (did I mention that) I used some fairly basic materials to  spruce it up a bit

storage box with craft supplies scissprs magents greaseproof hairclips
The paper was scrap from a craft magazine, and the rest of the materials are pretty basic

I was rather pleased with this ingenious use of fridge magnets and binding clips (actually hairclips):
two hairclips and two magnets secure the greaseproof paper to the patterned paper
I'm sure papercrafters have a slicker way...

 I traced the shape of the label i wanted to cover onto baking paper, and then used magnets and hairclips to "pin" the template to the patterned paper.
Et voila!
close up of strogage box showing label covered in patterned paper

plastic sewing box with tray removed to show storage space
The teal tray comes out too

And not content to stop there...
This box cost £8
plastic bath storage box for babies
DearWife was not oncvinced when I brought this home...

And with the addition of wrapping paper and felt letters makes a jolly, practical  storage box for boygoblin’s rapidly expanding stash of art and craft supplies.
baby bath box decorated to take chold's art supplies
Top view of art boc showing covered label
open art box overflowing with art supplies

(like mother, like son…)

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