Thursday, 24 May 2012

Something from the archives

This must be one of the first thing I ever stitched, so it must be about 25 years old.
hand stitched needle book
Well worn
I think this is supposed to be flower, possibly as tulip? Snowdrop? I’m not sure whether I got the pattern wrong, or used weird colours (possibly both) but I don’t remember a time when I thought it looked pretty.
Not convinced about the red trim either.
inside of handmade needle book with needles
Delighfully wonky red stitching

I assume I was working with what was available – offcuts and scraps from my mums sewing room, and I do know cross-stitch patterns were nowhere near as available then as they are.
handmade needlebook open with needles
Some of these needles have been in here for years.

It's been in heavy use ever since, and had travelled halfway across the world, so I can’t hate it. 
close up cover handmade needle book interface aida fraying
Although I do think its time for a new one…

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