Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Side tracked

The Boygoblin has started to pretend. Which is lovely, especially when I find him firmly smooshing his stuffed rabbit face-first into the catfood bowl.
Or when he dissolves in heartbreak because he can’t get Andy, his boy doll, into its fiddly little doll-sized sleepsack.
The catfood I’ve just had to get a bit zen about, but the sleepsack? That I can solve.
So last week I pulled some yarn scraps (Cath Kidston Book of Crochet since you ask) and made a good old old-fashioned granny blanket.
Close up of stitches on trad granny crochet blanket
Old style granny blanket
Apart from being doll-sized, its just like the real thing – its as ugly as you’d expect, and catches on little doll toes. DearWife loves it, and says its just like the ones she grew up with.  I won’t be making another one, for pretty much exactly the same reason.

granny crochet doll blanket
Doll sized
And boygoblin? Fewer tears, because he can easily put Andy to bed.  
Doll in bed with granny blanket
Andy's all snuggled in
And then zoom  him around the house.
doll in "bed" in truck walker
Check out those drivers...
Did I mention Andy sleeps in the lorry walker?
tucking the doll into the lorry
All snuggled up on the flat"bed"

blurred toddler running with walker
Fancy a quick nap?

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