Sunday, 19 May 2013

You know those slippers...

Well, there is progress being made, but these, these, have taken up more time that all of them put together.

Doll crochet slippers
Little doll slippers. Made of scraps of merino. And yes, that is knitters elastic you see worked into the top stitches... 

single doll slipper showing crochet detail
... and treble crochet detail in thee instep. don't tell the cousins...
He looked cold, ok? With his little bare plastic feet and shortie onesie...

So yes. there was a cardie too.
Crochet cardigan for 30inch doll
Note co-ordinating edging and toddler-easy popper fastening.
There now, doesn't that look nice?
 And honestly, Andy does sort of stick his arms out - his pose above has almost nothing to do with the construction of the garment. Almost. Nothing.

Oh, and worth noting that Andy came with socks and shoes, but they were lost within days. This had nothing to do with the construction of the socks, and everything to do with the apparently funnel-shaped feet on our favourite doll. Did i learn from this? Why no, I didn't even notice it. so, all round a good investment of time... (as in, its only a matter of...)

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