Saturday, 21 September 2013

Family slippers

Here they are.

three pairs of crochet house slippers
Pleasing pile of alpaca

Half of them at least.

crochet slippers
Imagine this picture with 7 pairs. *sigh
And you have to trust me that the other half were delivered because I handed them over, and then remembered to photograph them.

In a bad case of Absolutely not Learning My Lesson About Furry Yarn, I tried to make myself a pair in this.
Moda vera flurry in teal
Moda Vera Flurry. Feels nice around my toes, nasty on the hook.
 Once again, couldn't read the stitches and failed to count them accurately so I have no hope in hades of  replicating the one sad little slipperish shaped object that is slumped in a heap at the bottom of my crochet bag.

Cath kiston knitting bag ball of moda vera flurry
Sulky flurry rodent.

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