Monday, 12 November 2012

Eggspert floristry

I seem to be spending a lot of time covered in poster paints these days as boygoblin likes to make things and at just 2 years old, is not yet to be trusted with needles and hooks. (He does like his threading beads though, so there is hope for the wee thing yet.)

kids craft eff carton flowers in vase
Pretty flowers
This week's project was a bunch of flowers for Dearwife -  he misses her when she's as work.
We had lots of fun mixing colours and splashing about with the paint on the egg cartons.

egg tray with coloured poster paints

Then, during naptime (thank goodness for naptime) I cut up the egg tray and prepierced the bowls, ready for the pipe cleaners.

egg carton flowers materials
Ready for wake-up time

single egg carton flower

The vase is the box from mini cupcake papers, and Boygoblin picked the mama and baby stickers to decorate it.

plastic pot vase decorated with stickers
any excuse for stickers

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