Monday, 12 November 2012

This was a cat-warming gift for a friend

Our should that be a housewarming gift for a cat? Not sure.
close up felt feltie frog handmade
How is it that he looks smiley when I didn't give him a mouth?

It’s a simple little handsewn feltie, stuffed with crinkly plastic, and long jumpy legs of ribbon.
feltie froghand made hand embroidered
Looong legs
His toes and back ridges are embroidered in variegated thread (which I hardly ever see the point of, but it works well here.) and he has little yellow French-knot warts.
feltie close up back stitch french knots
Warts never looked so good
He’s dangling on a piece of elastic, and jumps quite nicely I think…
feltie frog cat toy, handmade hand embroidered

Reggie seems to like him in any case...

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