Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy belated birthday

BoyGoblin turned two not long after The Big Move, and so it was time for another birthday badge. You can see last year's here (and there's a pdf tutorial too).

Felt baby safe birthday badge - train
This year it was all about steam trains.

This works the same as the last one, with a magnet sewn into the frontspiece, and into a large plain felt circle worn inside the clothing. 

felt baby safe birthday bade with rear piece
A big hard-to-swallow felt circle for the back, with the magnet double-sewn in.

You can see that I had to use oblong magnets this year - round ones work better.

Felt baby safe birthday badge ribbon close-up
The ribbon really lifts it
The ribbon was a real find - from a bargain store, of all places!

felt baby safe birthday badge stitching close up

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