Monday, 4 March 2013

Patient feet

Cosy alpaca toes for the littlest, who also astonished me with his forebearance, allowing mummy to slip his feet in and out of partly completed slippers throughout the hot afternoon. (I think he was actually more tolerant than his mumma.)

a pair of hand crochet slippers for a toddler
Not sure how long these will stay white when goblintoes inhabit them...
 I bought a pattern for the applique alphabet, forgetting that as I'm left-handed, I've had to reverse them all - either working backwards up the pattern, or reverse engineering each letter. 

crochet applique initial on handcrochet toddler slippers
f is for faff
I've already given up, and all the cousins will be getting stars appliqued on their toes. 

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