Thursday, 5 January 2012

Claws for thought

Lawrence is a lefty lobster

Here he is!

He came from this book It wasn’t a super easy pattern to follow, hence the lopsided claws. As it turns out, Lawrence is left handed, but not strongly left-handed yet, so he must still be fairly young. I’m no lobster expert but just for clarity, I think he might be a reef lobster , rather than the larger American lobster. Neither is he. What do you think? I do know he looked disturingly like something unmentionable before I sewed his claws and legs on. I was disinclined to give it claws at all...
I crocheted him from plarn made of supermarket bags (the best instructions for making plarn that I’ve found are here).

I think Lawrence represents my single brief foray into the ecowonderful world of plarn. Its rough to work with, and the results are usually ugly and overearnest. Please disabuse me of this notion if you’ve made something elegant with plarn. I’m not holding my breath.
He is stuffed with deflated packing airbags from the Christmas parcels and his eyes are scraps of rubbish sack.
I could claim that this is a comment on ocean pollution – and rather a good one if I may say so.
But, actually, I liked the idea that this project was completely free! Which is just as well, because as this plarn was made from biodegradable plastic bags, I fear Lawrence won’t be with us for long…

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