Monday, 27 February 2012

Big hexes, small blanket.

This is why I don’t buy yarn on spec.

Cosy chunky hexagons

I bought two balls each of the blues and pink in the post-Christmas sales, and sort of immediately knew I wanted some sort of throw, possibly hexy.
My inspiration was this  Amy Butler quilt I had come across months ago.  I did some sketches, and sample hexes, and the dug out the picture, to find that it was much more piecy that I remembered, and really not much like the blanket I had in mind. Which really, is exactly what inspiration should do – suggest a direction, and send you on your way.
Then I got all anxious about the amount of yarn I needed, and took another trip to the sales to snap up whatever I could find – a measly two more balls of pink and two of grey.
To make the border, I needed to buy extra yarn, and bought too much at full price.
I’ve just managed to scrape together the yarn to make and assemble this large large-hexy hex.
Its an ok blanket. I guess. I’d really like to make a biggish floor cushion, with a plain colour single-hex backing.  But by my calculations that requires another 10ish balls of yarn for the back. And that will cost upwards of £50. Which is pushing the cost of the project towards £90. and that’s’ without lining and stuffing the thing…
So I’m sitting on it (or rather, BoyCat is) and thinking I might make the cushion back and liner out of dark blue jersey.
Cat photos won't become a theme, but really, could you disturb that little bundle?

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