Monday, 27 February 2012

Scrap happy

With BoyGoblin now fully mobile and into everything,  everything’s a choke hazard!
To give myself a fighting chance of keeping the sewing room at least a couple of steps away from being a deathtrap, I’ve made a scrap basket to catch quilting trimmings and stray threads.
Fresh spring florals

It hangs on the back of my chair, where the horrible old tesco bag used to sit.
The mouth of the bag is kept open by an embroidery hoop, an idea I cribbed from a laundry bag pattern   The bag is quilted, which also helps add structure and stiffness. Happily, this also means the bag will sit up on the cutting table quite happily as well.
Pretty and perky
Pleasingly, it’s also made from scraps and oddments. The feature fabric is trimmings from a “Me and My Sister Favourites” jellyroll from Moda, left over from a long running WIP (technically not yet left over, as the blocks haven’t been yet been joined up, but they have been pieced and the border, binding and backing put aside, so I’m quietly (foolishly) confident).
Sneaky peek at work in progress
The buckle, ribbon, and sequins were all fossicked up from various jars of findings.
Dainty buckle
The flowers were simply cut freehand, backed with iron-on interfacing and sewn in place by hand. They are secured in the centre with the embellishments and the petals are left loose.
Juicy blooms

Delicate daisies

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