Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Yarn Vision

I have a confession – I don’t have yarn vision. That is, I don’t have the knack of spotting a beautiful fibre, and knowing that I could use it someday. To be frank, I’m often not even able to tell if I like a yarn or not. Maybe it’s about experience, but there seem to be so many variables – tension, fibre, size of hook, pattern.
That’s quite helpful actually, because it means I don’t (often) buy yarn on spec. I need to have a specific project in mind.

Except that we’ve just got through sales season here, and I thought that if I was able to exercise a bit of yarn vision I would save myself bucketloads, and keep my hook (and hopefully needles) busy for at least part of the year.
So here is at least part of the result.
Rowan silk twist
To make a shawl. Possibly this one. 
I may have bought too much. Or not enough. Who knows?
The last time I did this, I ended up needing to go back to the shop three more times to top up, and eventually worked myself into a panicky froth and bought too many extra balls at full price online.  
(as an aside, I do have fabric vision, which has resulted in a number of boxes of neatly folded fabric nestled deep in UnderTheStairsLand. So many that I’ve now banned myself from buying on spec.)

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