Friday, 2 March 2012

Quick stitch

I knocked this out a couple of evenings ago. It came free with Cross Stitch Crazy magazine (issue 162),  and as my mum has a modest collection of poppy prints, and is a doting long-distance grandmother, I thought I’d pop it in the post to her.

Glueing this together reminded me why I don't do papercrafts.
Recentish photo of boy-goblin found in a photo-album reject pile. I’m never sure what to do with old photos – I feel they are a bit too personal to put in the bin, but I’m too squeamish to put my favourite people through the shredder. Which is why we have a handy pile of rejected photos for occasions such as this.

Now all I need to do it get a copy of Practical Wireless for dad, and everyone’s happy.

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