Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Easter Treats

For reasons that are too dull to explain, I was wrestling with some nasty willfull organza over the weekend. It slipped, and frayed, and tore and wriggled. When, oh when, will I learn that its not worth scrimping on quality, not even for prototyping.
In order to properly pit my wits against it, I knocked up a small organza gift bag – seen here stuffed full of easter treats (its never too early for egg-shaped chocolate) but also good as lavender bags or party favours.

The filling is nicer than the wrapper in this case

I certainly didn’t win every battle – the casing for the ribbon frayed out before I even got the ribbon into it hense the little cross stitch design feature at the back to hold the ribbon in place.
But I’m going to claim victory in the great Organza War of 2012. I’ve tested the concept for the tricksy little simple little casing, and have a mildy unattractive bag full of chocolate in the fridge.

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